First Title of Waco, LLC

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Our Logo and Mission:

The Waco Suspension Bridge, completed in 1870, consisted of Two Towers, Cable and Wooden Planks.

  • The Badge represents our Dedication and Commitment to our Customers.
  • The Bridge symbolizes the Strength and Experience of First Title Company and our Employees.
  • The Star within the Badge is evidence of our Achievements and Determination to Excel in the Title Insurance Industry.

These three symbols have stood the test of time in our history. First Title Company of Waco, established in 1984, with employees having over 300 years of experience in the industry continues with pride to service our customers and community. We are part of the tradition in McLennan County and throughout Texas, today and will continue for years to come.

Our Employees:

Years of Service with First Title Company of Waco, LLC

30 Years and over
Loretta Janek
29 Years to 20 Years
Penny Dulock, Karen Moore, Patricia Taylor, Kathie Bell-Dill & Janet Faulkner
19 Years to 15 Years
Susie Herbelin, Rhonda Ruff, Billie Ward, Mindy Hoehn & Lisa Jeffrey
14 Years to 10 Years
Wendy Boyd, Diane Childers, Kristy Kyle, Terri Moyer & Trey Scherwitz
9 Years and under
Denise Smith
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