Executive Team

Dillon Meek

General Counsel and EVP of Development
C: 361.782.8480

Penny Dulock

President/Escrow Officer

Loretta Janek

Secretary/Compliance Officer

Patricia Taylor

Vice President/Escrow Officer


Trey Scherwitz

Client Relations/Marketing
C: 254.640.2939

Whitney Horner

Business Development/Marketing


Escrow Team

Denise Smith

Senior Escrow Officer

Terri Dutschmann

Escrow Coordinator

Susie Herbelin

Office Manager/Accounting

Amanda Stott

Escrow Coordinator

Janet Kay

Escrow Officer

Lisa Jeffrey

Escrow Coordinator

Lexi Haynes

Escrow Coordinator


Julie Williams

Escrow Coordinator

Tamara Paules 

Escrow Coordinator


Abstracting Team

Karen Moore

Chief Title Examiner

Rhonda Ruff

Sr. Title Examiner

Janet Faulkner

Customer Service

Kathie Bell-Dill

Sr. Title Examiner

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